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Born in the depths of a Detroit warehouse, 313.FM is the successor community radio station to For over 10 years, Burst Radio worked hard on creating an independent platform for artists to play the electronic music that they love. We are a group of electronic music devotees based in Detroit, Michigan broadcasting to the world beyond. With shows catering to many electronic tastes, from Techno & House to Drum and Bass, we’d like to think there’s something for everyone. Each show is broadcast live as well as recorded so you can enjoy it later!

313.FM continues to bring nothing but the highest quality electronic music to listeners worldwide. We began as a collaboration between several Detroit DJ’s with the singular goal of featuring the best talent, regardless of label, affiliation, or genre. Now with over hundreds 0f thousands of downloads of our podcasts, a promising future lies ahead, as the station moves forward with it’s largest expansion yet.

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