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A Bit About Me

Mr 7 Inches, born Brent Scudder, from outside of Detroit, Mi started his interest in music when he first heard dance music on a local radio program. Shortly after he purchased his first turntable and mixer. Having only one turntable at first he picked up an interest in scratching and turntablism. Later after acquiring a second turntable he began blending music together, however, growing up with parents with a very wide-ranging vinyl collection he immediately grew an interest in trying to mix the obscure, and make things work that most people wouldn’t immediately think of or attempt. Watching videos on YouTube of DJ Enferno and seeing locals in Detroit, such as DJ Psycho of Detroit Techno Militia who regularly take risks while mixing, only fueled his interest more in thinking outside of the box. Around this time is when he fell in love with the 45 record. The 45s fit his style very well because he could easily go from Prince, to Kraftwerk, to Run DMC to Bryan Adams all within a few minutes. The smaller size and lighter load just meant a greater possibility to pack such a broader range of music and somehow tie it all together into a party rocking dance atmosphere.


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